Over-fishing: Dangerous Threats to Coral Reefs

Coral reef is a home of thousands of small fishes and other marine animals. These are ecosystems found below the water. Without the coral reefs, the marine ecosystem will be destroyed and even humans who depend on the coral reef fishes may possibly suffer. This is not impossible to happen because of man’s activities. The ocean is a very wide and large source of food. Since there are about 7 billion population in the whole world, so we surely need an abundant supply of food.

If we depend too much on marine animals as our food, nothing will be left. In fact, over-fishing is a very dangerous act of humans. It is a great threat to the ocean and all those who live under it. There are many different restaurants and factories all throughout the world who serve sea foods as their menu or product.

People must remember that illegal fishing, indiscriminate fishing, and fishing of large fish are all threats to other marine species’ survival. See this security company service go here 徵信公司 價錢. These things must be avoided so that the threat on the oceans and marine animals will be lessened.

In other words, fishermen must be careful not to bring any harm on other marine species. How? Having self-discipline is very important. All of us must be aware and updated about the fishing rules and regulations. Fishermen must take only the exact amount of fish they need and release those that are quite big and small. Click here to exploretw.com/caught-monkey/ read more about precautions. Big fishes are needed to produce more fish. And to those who have an aquarium, they must know their responsibilities.