The Rise of Sea Level and Global Warming

Global warming has many effects to our environment. Actually, there are also countless reasons for global warming. One of the greatest and dangerous effect of this phenomenon is the continuous rise  of the sea level. How does the global warming affects the rise of the sea level? And how does this takes place? It was mentioned in the infographic below that global warming is the primary cause of current sea level rise. How?

No matter how hard we try to protect the environment, we can never avoid to use dangerous chemicals or hazardous chemicals. Also, as technology continue to develop, different factories are continually manufacturing various products. They are using dangerous chemicals that can affect the atmosphere. As a result, the temperature of the environment is continually increasing.

Since the temperature is continually rising, it brought unexpected results such as the warming of the oceans and the melting of the ice sheets and the glaciers are continually shrinking. What could be the possible results of these? If the ice in the north pole and south pole continue to melt, then expect that a great flood or even a great tsunami will soon occur.

Since glaciers and ice sheets are continually shrinking and melting, so a great amount of water will be added to the oceans. It is not a surprise then, that many unexpected phenomenon are occurring these days. Global warming is a serious matter that can never be neglected. If people continue to be stubborn  following their own ways and not thinking of its results, the effects will be unexpected.