Ocean Acidification that will Disrupt the Food Web

Did you know that the ocean is now in danger? With the continuous harmful human activities, the oceans are now being affected. It is suffering from pollution caused by industrial wastes that are being disposed into the sea and other illegal fishing activities. The ocean itself is not only the one that is in danger. All the marine animals could be endangered if we don’t do anything to prevent the harmful effects of human activities. The most threatening effect to to the oceans is ocean acidification.

The waters become acidic because of carbon pollution. Carbon can be produced from power plants, cars, and factories. And this element is very harmful to living organisms including marine animals. Many marine animals are now endangered due to illegal fishing. And later on, the oceans and all the creatures living under it will die. The food web will also be disrupted.

This is because some marine animals eat only a specific kind of fish. So, if these animals will become endangered species, what about those who feed on them? They will also die. That’s the terrible result of ocean acidification.

Small fishes will not be able to endure a high level of ocean acidity. Plants and other building blocks in the ocean will easily be dissolved due to high acidity. Even crabs and sea urchins will not be able to build or develop their shells for their own survival. Larger fish will also die sooner or later if this problem is not prevented. Why? If the smaller fish die which they need for survival, they will not be able to survive either. Look for more information regarding how to market your business online. You can check this 八拓科技有限公司, an Asian character site, so that you will have a big background on how it works. Remember, marketing online is one of the biggest way for you to earn a lot of money.