Ways to Prevent Water Pollution and Marine Threats

Water is very much important for our survival. What about the ocean? Thousands of marine creatures live under the oceans. The ocean is their habitat. Marine animals can never survive without water. But, what is happening in our ocean these days? If you always watch news which are happening all over the world, you will be surprised and feel scared at the same time. Why? Everything is now being changed in a sudden moment.

Unexpected things are continually occurring these days. Water is being polluted due to improper disposal of waste and also carbon which is a threat to marine animals, and others. In order to prevent water pollution and save the oceans, what can we possibly do?

In the infographic above, it shows about the 10 ways that we can do to help our ocean and for our own survival as well. If we conserve water, excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean. How can we conserve water? At home, it’s better not to use flowing water. We must also reduce the usage of pollutants or toxic chemicals. This is quite harmful to the ocean. Always practice proper disposal of garbage.

Discipline is very important. Whenever you go fishing, you must follow the rule:” catch and release”. If you think you don’t need too much fish, release the rest especially the small ones and the biggest ones. Releasing them will help the marine ecosystem function well. Never do illegal fishing. If you do, you will be the one to suffer later on. Look over this industry great service to help you, look info from here leakinghelp.com. These are the threats that our oceans are now encountering.