The Iconic Species: Marine Turtles in the Coral Triangle

The coral triangle is a vast range of waters found in the western Pacific Ocean. There are six waters included here. These waters are known as the coral triangle because it has various kinds of reef-building corals. In the waters of the coral triangle, there are six marine turtles and a great number of different species of reef fish are to be found in here. Throughout the world, tuna is very popular and this fish is very important for the manufacturers or the tuna industry itself.

Millions of people live in the regions of the coral triangle and they greatly depend on it for survival. Aside from the reef-building corals and the different species of fish that dwells in the reefs, there are marine turtles that continually increase in number by laying eggs on the coral triangle’s beaches. The tourism industry is rapidly growing and millions of visitors visit the regions locatedĀ  in the coral triangle.

They don’t just simply visit the famous tourist destinations. For explorers, environmentalists, and anyone who are so fond of marine animals including marine turtles, they find these species to be very attractive. Throughout the world, there are seven marine turtles of different species.

Looking at the life cycle of these marine turtles, you will be amazed. In the infographic above, the life cycle of green turtles is shown. These turtles don’t stay in a specific region. They migrate to other water areas such as shallow waters for mating and until such time, they return to foraging areas. In every life stage of these turtles, there are various threats.